Julie77 opens at Comedy in Tooting

At prince of Wales pub in Tooting, with Ed great compère "compère without compère" as he told, I opened the gig yesterday night.

Opening, is supposed to be almost a "sacrificial" place, as you have to warm up the audience.

No problem!

I had long high volume laughs from a great and big audience that almost got no room! some standing on the back or left!

Great night, and I learned also how much an "afterthought after the afterthought" can have impact indeed.

Thanks! I got 6 or 7 minutes, (alas no recording) but also met great people, some from old Workshops and Stand Up nights, a journalist from Real People coming specially for me. And so many more, coming to me later "I loved your gig, you had a great number!"

Alina from Stand Up and deliver got also a "give her a drink", but all numbers got laughter.

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