First stand-up Comedy

Five minutes at the Pirate Castle in Camden, London, the end of March 2011 - about 120 audience.
Mr CEE  compere introducing me. In his intro of us, 12 from the School of Comedy, he explained to thee audience that we are all "comedy virgins"... so I added that to my act, too.

My first Stand Up performance ever.

How much Mr CEE helped all of us, and how nice he encouraged me! He also told us to use similes and perform as having a conversation with the audience.

How much I own to Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual and experience. I used that material at the end of my performance.


  1. Julie,

    It's Clive here from the course!!!

    Just found your card in my wallet and thought I would check out your blog. What a great and very special thing you have developed here. Some great photos and insights.

    Great to watch your video also....you really stepped it up and rocked it on the night.

    You were an inspiration to us on the course and especially on that night.

    Keep doing what your doing and living in the magic that is life!!

    Much respect.

    Clive x

    " Courage is not the absence of fear....it's strength in the presence of it "

  2. Clive, thanks, should keep in contact. Did you got a DVD ? Do you know anyone else's email?