Olivia's speech

Olivia with her teddy
Her speech at the International contents was the most wonderful one but went over the time: and she was disqualified: you know why?

Her heartbreaking story I felt it in me; as something similar happened to me too; and so many of us!

At the same time; as she did want it too; made people laugh... to long! to often.

The story itself lasted only seven minutes and fifteen seconds; 15 seconds under the maximum time allowed at that Toastmasters International competition of seven and thirty; and that with all the long and important pauses! But with the people laughing; and one can not speak until the laughter dies down almost; it went over.

If your speech contains humor, and every should, allow one minute for people reactions! For a seven minutes speech finish at home at six minutes maximum for example.

What I also learned, listening to it many times today; that self revelation works! Of course with the right attitude; I loved also her speech morale: do not let a defect you have - and we all have some - have a too big impact on you and dominate the rest of your life!

Sorry: the soundtrack is no more here, at her request I took it out. And it is true that I have also her movements in my head that contributed to the greatness of the speech and its powerful effect on me - and so many others. And I had only the voice...

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