Judy Carter; The BOOK

Books about Humour and Stand Up Comedy 03 The Stand Up Comedy classic by Judy Carter is still very active after so many years!

Oh yes; a classic is a classic and lives long long long!

I begun to read it again and arrived to chapter two at middle, what I learned; again so far?

Be authentic, open yourself, speak in present, not too long stories but tell your frustrations and worries and angers; those you feel most about. We all have stage fright but for most it goes away as we arrive on scene. Prepare a lot but appear to speak in the moment.

What else?

Study other good comedians and their messages and attitudes and persona, but then find your own without imitating them. Get used to ups and downs and tell the material important to You. Tell seriously to make others laugh without trying to become a clown; tell your own material.

It is your uniqueness that interest; your frustrations and worries that make laugh. And it all depends also on their mood and the place; do not get upset the day when all bombs and no one laughs - other good day will come! Persist.

And that is only the begining!

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