My books soon online!

I discovered, through my son, a new feature on the web: registering and categorizing my books.

I have begun with my Public speaking, Storytelling and Stand-Up Comedy books, still more to come. Here are the latest one I put on.

In the LibraryThing, they find the covers and exact titles, as one enters ISBN number, or title and author, and one can add tags and arrange them in categories. Plus different other things I have yet to discover! So far, more then 40 books put in, all around Communication in Public.

So which of them I like or use more?
As for storytelling and even, public speaking, there are the first two in this image.
The power of personal storytelling by Maguire, and the Improving your storytelling by Lipman;

To learn about humour perhaps:
Judy Carter's classic Stand-Up Comedy
The comic toolbox but also Logan Murray's book and workshop.

After all, one should read and study, but also practice practice practice. Then reread again, re-study again the same books, understand differently and practice again.

Of course, there is wisdom to be taken from lots of other books too!

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