As a film: Paula - for Grant's Whisky

I told Paula's tale, the whole of it, at Canal Café Theatre during Family Theme with Spark London. Paula, my great grandmother had a huge impact on my view of life.

It does gain, in this rendering, turned by a professional filming crew, nicely edited, with some nicely inserted videos, filmed through three hours that we worked together to produce this few minutes. Very pro. And in bigger size, I like it even better then before, seen also in a tiny window.

It does loose some alas, as they did cut (with my permission), all I told initially about her childhood and even more, details about her problems as woman managing a business alone, in the years 1880th, way back. And, next time, I will not tell a tale without audience either, I missed a lot being "on the podium" with real people facing me, as it was filmed only with me and the crew.

We do learn, all the time, do we not?!

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