Toastmasters Fall Contest in Dublin

Keynote speaker was Sean Kennedy - what a wonderful inspirational speech did he give us!

He used snippets of videos of young boys and girls while staying at the side for us to absorb them and let those speak, from time to time instead of him.

Yes, when used wisely, small parts of videos compliment the speech and make it more compelling.

At the Humorous contest all 8 were great, but of course each of us had their own preferred. I liked a lot that at this contest, the women instead of trying to imitate men remained very women-like and warm and the men did not hesitate to poke fun of themselves.

TM Humorous & TT Dublin 2010_0106

He did win the first prize of Humorous Contest - but all were great actors, I felt more then speakers this time.
TM Humorous & TT Dublin 2010_0121
And the Table Topics Contest Sunday morning was won by a London Toastmaster, David, here showing me his prize proudly.
TM Humorous & TT Dublin 2010_0001
But the second & third prize winners were also happy!
TM Humorous & TT Dublin 2010_0014
Between so many good speakers it was not easy to have a prize but in my opinion already to have arrived to this level was wonderful!

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