Eric's 8 steps to create a great speech

Saturday morning workshop, before Dublin's fall Humorous & Table Topics Contest
A great speech from which all of us can learn that I recorded live.

Eric Fitzpatrick who tells us to our delight about the steps to create a great speech, has been a member of Toastmasters International since March 2004.

Eric is a member of the Glasnevin Club in Dublin and has held the roles of VP Education and Club President. Eric is a Competent Communicator and then, as me, become Advanced Leader Bronze. Eric is currently the Area Governor for Area 26 in Division C. Eric won the Division C Speech Contest, so he does know what he speaks about.

Eric lives in Dublin with his wife and daughters : he wrote me that he joined at the beginning the TM to be able to speak... in his family!


  1. Hi Julie: Just came across this recording. Very useful. I so disappointed to miss Eric's worksho as was doing my District Exec stuff so really grateful to be able to catch up now! Thanks!

  2. welcome - I am preparing also the notes I took then - I really liked a lot his speech and the way he delivered it too