Long time ago, far away - #Pathways Level 1: Incorporating feedback

Told first time as "Eastern Sunday" in Witty Storytellers the 13th April
Told the second time an improved version (this one) in Firebirds Collective
after using the feedbacks from the first. Both my toastmasters online clubs,
with world wide audience.

Here on the screen, Krishn from Mauritius, me from London, Moses from New Zealand, Fabiola from Caribbean, Lorraine from Dubai. (But many others from different continents were listening even if not on the screen now. From Mexico, from Canada, from USA...

Thanks Brian, Paul, all who suggested improvement the first time!

You all could suggest me further improvements.
I read again my diaries of that time and met a very interesting courageous girl, then woman in love! So much wisdom already! Some of it that she almost forgot with time.

Alex become a year later my husband, and at age 27 we emigrated, had a girl then a boy. Only 20 years later did I get an university diploma, PhD in Chemistry from Paris. I went then to prove myself to DC - but that is yet another story.

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