Gigging again!

Did not go out to gig, for some time.

I love the audience and their laughter and communicating with them, even for 5 minutes or 7, and after too. It still means a lot for me.

Plus, my routine always conveys something.

This occasion I could not resist "Who runs the world" a special charity event for abused women sake. I was one for a while. I know what it means to be afraid, even if it was long time ago.

Prepared a new routine, from old bits and added some new ones at the end, using what happened just now in United Kingdom. "In? Out?" I prefer, IN.

It is not perfect and I have more bits that I will not write down now, before the performance. I hope putting my routine upside down will work.

Cavendish arms are very strict on time, so I had to eliminate a lot.

The 8th July I have another gig where they give me a large 7 minutes. Of course, going down from 20 or 15 to 5 or 7 not easy.

I used for it first the new method I just learned from Doug Lipman: discover the MIT what is the most important thing for you now, in this club, this time. Then eliminate all that does not helps it. He reminded us, a second point only blurs the audience mind and distracts.

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