Spark London Anniversary

While Spark London celebrates its 8e anniversary, this fall, I did celebrate my 6th anniversary of my first public storytelling telling a version of the same story, about how I arrived in London, at Hackney Moviehouse's 5th floor "Attick". Full of public, more then 60, wonderfully reacting diverse, great compelling stories.

Johanna Yates, producer with Dave and Matt faithfully still there and having each developed since their own flavour of Spark. Johanna, as usual made us rehearse and gave very valuable feedback and advice, our stories got stronger by it, as usual. She even remembered a detail from 6 years ago that I did not tell this time, having forgotten almost and not giving it importance. I have begun looking for room to share, but no one wanted an old woman with them, so I begin to look for cheep apartment to rent : of course I added it again.

Dave decided the order we come and told us himself the first story, and introduced us, one by one. He is always full of compassion and was a great MC.

Matt send us the sound recorded masterfully so I could see and hear if the audience's reaction to my telling : was it so wonderful as I felt? In my heart and their faces it was warmer.

Matt invited me to the special 8th anniversary of Spark London at the Exmouth Market's Theatre.
"Julie, you bond wonderfully with your audience" a producer wrote me. I think, I did.

This experience made me, and others, remember, how great is to perform with Spark London and how much it brings to each of us.

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