BBC1 with Julie standup & other memories of films takers

Dee's team, Thursday 26 filming for Friday on TVDee's team come to my house to film in the morning in March 2015. and at noon took me to a Greenwich Comedy club, one of the oldest, Up The Creek.

I have performed at Greenwich Comedy club in 2012... 12 July! As it was my birthday, three pals from my Lewisham Speakers club come to listen. Two of them also begun Standup Comedy later, the third went on to tell tales about his police work with Scotland Yard all around England.

Five hours material, less then 2 minutes result, that used also material from the film "Julie70 standsUp" by Irene Fernandez, and showed some photos I lend to them for the mixing. Where is it?

It was interesting to live through a very professional team work! The sound-taker (at left) who stopped us each time a fire-engine passed through the street. The producer director, Dee here in the middle who directed all of us, asking questions from me and to repeat some answers shorter or better, told all where to stand and what to take. He had in his head already how it would look and how he will make the mixing. And the video camera taker, assisting and verifying how the image come out.

As they left, Dee took with him the disk Irene Fernandez gave me after she made her 15 minute film: she gave us permission to use some of her material and Dee did use three bits from it - I think the most important was the one I was shaving! Shown just before the one taken by the team with me combing at the same place.

UntitledHere is Irene Fernandez, filming me home two years ago.

Alas, as the result had to be only a 15 minute film on big screen at Goldsmith's, many takes were not used and no mention remains of toastmasters activity, on my storytelling, and even not about how I discovered "I have now got comedian eyes".

The new story of the oldest memory on my first told joke remained and they even added the picture of me kid with my mother. No mention of my past career, even if he asked me lots of question about it Thursday.

Well, in a story one has to concentrate on one main message, in this case was Julie taking on Standup Comedy at age 77.

Taken by my Sony camera looking at the television, this is not the original film... of me on TheOneShow in BBC1 - later they had send me a DVD of all the evening.

Julie on BBC1 - short movie from Julie Kertesz on Vimeo.

It is true, I did remain the same age from 2011 - I was still 76 to now, 4 years ago, end March, was my first ever gig. Now I am after 80, so what? Poetic licence lets us, as also women do all the time, remain for years same age, isn't it?

At the end of my video should go, and I will try to add it:
"Embrace what happens to you, look at it with comedian eyes, use it"
I did from age of 77 learning to make laugh from it.
My name is Julie Kertesz - Always ready for an one night Stand... Up or tell you my true stories.
but do not call me in the morning: Google me, first."

Here is a video from 1st October when I was live on the One Show of BBC1 - the one from yesterday, I have yet to work on it, I will also add it here.

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