Ten years ago, first blog, first selfie

First Selfie published in my first blog Jan 2005
This was published ten years ago, the first day if not first note, of my first blog.

I begun to write daily, in French as I lived in Paris, of what was happening, of my photo workshops I took, and my grandchildren. I did not stop, for ten years. From zero to five, to fifty five, then 250 in best days, I was stunned that not only my blog was read, followed, but some begun their day reading it.

Most important, many wrote me that it inspired them and gave courage for their own life.

And persisting, continuing, day by day for ten years, I did prove : there IS life after 70.
I proved, one can begin new things, discover and enjoy never dreamed one's even.
And now, I have also a trace, if I have the courage to read them.

Who knows a good program to inverse a blog and be able to read, from beginning to end and not from end backward?

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