Card from 1977 May

That was printed as an expression of optimism from me. Just finished my PhD and was between those two works.

Yes, I have been researcher at CNRS of Gif for 4 years,
but my contract was not renewed any more.

Yes, I have been promised a year contract as Visiting Fellow at NIH in Bethesda, but the official paper needed for the visa did not arrive yet.

Finally, last minute it did arrive, and I did work there for three years, as each year I got yet another year contract.

It was not easy, as for 7 years, my next year work was not assured and I had to be very optimist to believe it will work out at the end and I will get the next contract.

Till, 1980, when it did not. I had to go back to France, look for work and, finally, all my life changed and from Research Chemist I become Company Founder and leader and Apple products importer and distributor, in the middle of the most exciting years of the growing personal computer industry.

It is great to be optimist and not worry too much of the future, even if it is not always easy to do so, when you are head of the family as I was. And, when it does not go as you expect, it can happen, as it did with me that something new wonderful waits for you at the end of one path of the tunnel.

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