Cultural differences

Tulips between buildingsThose are not what I would think of, when I hear 'tulip' even if once I did plant some like this in my garden in France.

They are beautiful and colourful and fancy.

When I think 'tulip' what comes first to my mind are the simple red tulips, that are part of the Hungarian folk art, from my youth.

I lived in a Hungarian culture, even if it was in the then already Romanian later Hungarian and again Romanian Kolozsvar, now Cluj. The communist regime added to it even Cluj-Napoca, to underscore that very long ago Romans passed by.

For me, it is still Kolozsvar. In fact it also comes from Klausenbourg, all three names signify in fact a city with walls around. The walls are no more there, Turkish troupes passed by or only time, I do not know, only one bastion remains behind the Kalvinist church where I used to go, near the school.

Tulips between buildings

This is it what I imagine when I hear tulips. These kind I have seen, well not even in my childhood, as we did not have 'folk art' home in the city, but seen later.

I went out yesterday, and discovered ten different tulip species in the garden near the building I live, one more beautiful then the other. Each with different colour and form, characteristic, flavour.

None is 'better' or more beautiful or more 'tulip' then the other. As none of our culture and costumes characteristics are best. Just different. Vive la difference!

Saturday morning, at Freemasson's, center London with Toastmaster speakers from different countries and cultures, we will celebrate our differences. Admire, appreciate them

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