Do not act: behave.

Yesterday, I had a great answer to a question I was asked in our latest personal storytelling workshop:  when telling a story, should we not act? I knew the answer, well, my a,swer at least, but had difficulty,to explain it.

Burt Reynolds was interviewed on TV, and at the question: you love to teach now young actors, what is the most important message to them? He answered:

Do not act: behave.

If it is the answer even for actors, it is even more for those telling personal stories!

And yesterday, mr Cee, giving us advices for standup comedy, told us the same : be yourself. There are many aspects of you, take one and apply it to a part of your gig, set, then another for another part. Show true emotions, loves and hates. Be yourself, as much conversational.as possible. 

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