I would never dreamed it

I had aspirations of going on stage when I was a kid, till about 12 years old. Then I realised I have to be beautiful, not freckled thin, I have to dance and sing well, and I was not up to others from my class, and even for writing, I had to gain "experience."

Well, in 77 years, I did gain experience, good and bad, here and there, very diverse.

What I did not gain is beauty, (I did gain lots of pounds instead), nor skills to dance and sing. I studied writing and begun also writing blog notes, day by day, ups and downs of my life.

I have never dreamed, that for my 78th birthday, I will be up the stage, Up the Creek, nearby in Greenwich. I have never dreamed that I will begin to make others laugh (you do not have to be beautiful, thin, etc) it is enough to relate your worst or best experiences. It is enough to love audience and interact with them.

I have never dreamed to be on the stage the day of my birthday!

I have been by now from last year in many comedy clubs, but the first I tried to go, did not program me till, this July, and then, they did it for my birthday! Well, weather I will have guests or not, all audience present will become my guests. And as when I was 25, I will announce my age and finish it with "now forget I passed 77, as I want to remain 77 for long time still from now."

Destiny works in mysterious ways.

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