A photo can be worth so many words and stirr very strong emotions

All this great photographers have chosen me as their contacts this last days, but because my eye, it is only today I have looked at their photography. What a wonderful gift!

I favorited in turn some of their images I just discovered, here is from today.
Strange, strong, intriguing, photographes, some strong paintings almost, dreams or special effects, each has in turn given me a strong feeling. And taught me to be more open with my own photography too. Photography on Flickr, what a wonderful way to communicate also with others all over the globe! Some from UK, others from Brazil: or Alasca, the web opens us a whole word and contacts so many human beings!

Photographies sur Flickr par
Zita Kamugra

For my photoblog I needed a black background, and suddenly all changed!
What a difference, it can make.

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