Use a story, show vulnerability & have a point

If you want to build a connection with your audience, as Steve Jobs did, follow his techniques.
  1. Share your vulnerabilities. They leader does not always have to be perfect. If they are seen as always perfect then they will be out of reach to the audience
  2. Tell stories. People love stories and will bond with them. Telling stories is the key to engaging your audience
  3. Have a point to the stories. Every time you tell a story you need to have a point to it. The audience will remember your story and the point that goes along with it.
So well expressed on Darren Fleming's blog, but it is what so many books express these days nowadays, too and I completely believe in.

Sally has given a speech two weeks ago at the Lewisham Speakers club that illustrated in fact all that. She told a story about herself, her vulnerability and had a great point "just do it" and she delivered it with great maestro too.

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